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Covid-19 Update:

Our community is coming together during this unprecedented time and Serve The City is here to help.


Our website and Facebook page is an open forum for nonprofits to share their needs and awareness about their efforts to serve our community. Serve The City is mobilizing resources including volunteers and skilled services, and supplies for these organizations. Now more than ever, the community needs your help. 


Every Pennsylvanian can safely help their community during these difficult times. Serve your city.

Updates will be posted on the 'Covid-19 Action' page and on our Facebook. 

Cross The Line.

We are the connection between peoples' good intentions and talents and meaningful opportunities to get involved.

And that’s where it starts. We cross the line from where we are to action. But that’s just
the beginning.

We know them by their needs. What if we knew them by name? Cross the line.


Serve the City.

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