The Amani Story

In the summer of 1994, a group of Carlisle area residents and community volunteers joined together with Dickinson College to form a day of peace and choosing to call it "UNITY DAY". After seeing the outpouring of joy and positive response from Carlisle, members began to brainstorm how they could continue this day of peace for years to come.


Keeping the spirit of peace, these volunteers decided to form a nonprofit called 'Amani' after the Swahili word for peace. These founders of Amani took the initiative to create an organization that would be proactive in not only embracing diversity but also highlighting it so that it would become an encouraging environment of acceptance and appreciation of all cultures, races, and ethnicities. This initiative is reflected in the Amani's Mission Statement.


Amani's biggest and most renowned event is the street festival, "Amani Festival", held each spring (1st Saturday in May) in historic downtown Carlisle, PA. The festival hosts a variety of speakers, performers, vendors, and activities all geared toward learning, sharing, and celebrating culture and peace.


In 2016, Amani started a new path and a new vision that compliments the original mission. Amani participated in a number of community events within the Capital Area region while also co-hosting several children & youth events along the way. By 2020, Amani expects to add another festival and event within the Capital Area region. Amani expects to continue and expand in giving back to the families of Carlisle and embracing the community with open arms. Amani is still focused on highlighting the unique culture and background within Central Pennsylvania. 



List of events Amani hosted or co-hosted since 2016:

2016-- Back to School bash

2016-- Bosler Library Celebrate the Book Week

2017-- Harrisburg Diversity Day

2018-- Bosler Library Celebrate the Book Week

2018-- Hope717 Peace At The Park

2018-- Spooky Saturday

2018-- DoveFest




© 21st Amani Festival, May 8th, 2021

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